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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Water System

While the popularity of sparkling water rises and falls, the need for it remains constant. Sales of sparkling water systems for restaurants have risen in the last five years, and sparkling water-based drinks like low-ABV cocktails and healthy mocktails have become more popular. This widespread shift in purchasing habits demonstrates the public’s pressing need for a beverage that is more than fleeting in popularity. Many eateries use carbonated water systems to guarantee that fizzy drinks are always accessible.

Whether you run a fast-casual eatery or a high-volume fine dining establishment, there is a perfect solution out there for you. Use this helpful guide to zero in on the ideal solution for your specific requirements. A wide variety of carbonated water equipment options are available. As you look into carbonated water systems for restaurants, you’ll notice that many different models claim to provide the same service. Some of the devices are good quality, but others lack vital features.

Provide consumers with either still or sparkling water freshly dispensed from the tap. Water filtered by this sophisticated system is as transparent as glass and as clean in flavour as bottled water but costs much less. With an on-tap water distribution system, you can provide your clients with filtered, chilled, and carbonated water whenever they want it. Fill one of the high-quality reusable bottles with the system, and then use it to replenish people’s glasses as needed. You may be sure your investment will meet and surpass your expectations by selecting a system with the following characteristics.

Pure, Carbonated Water Straight from the Tap

Adding carbonation turns the world’s most ubiquitous drink into something that does double duty as a palate-cleansing mouth- and mind-refresher.

Blends well; an essential bar accessory

For those who don’t want to add anything to their water, sparkling water is a great alternative. Mix in some ice, crushed mint, a touch of lemon, or some mixed berries, and you’ve got a mocktail for a posh bar. Sparkling water is the ideal choice for drinks that are too sweet or powerful or to give cordials and juices an extra kick. Sparkling water systems for restaurants provide drinks with no calories or sugar and are thus far healthier to consume, unlike soft drinks.

Features of a sparkling water system

Cold Storage Cabinet Made of Stainless Steel

A stainless steel water refrigeration chamber is another component of a top-tier carbonated water system that allows for the highest standards of cleanliness. Because of this component, you can be sure that the sparkling water you provide to your clients and employees is of the highest quality and will leave a lasting impression. Water may be dispensed from your system in huge quantities and at a consistent, cold temperature thanks to the chamber.

Long-Lasting Activated Carbon Filters

Tap water is filtered via two or more premium carbon filters in a carbonated water system. These filters effectively remove hazardous substances like chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, grime, rust, and sediments. This two-step procedure ensures the cleanliness and purity of the sparkling water you provide to your patrons.


A filter in a carbonated water system is recommended for sanitary reasons. The third filter will completely irradiate the water, leaving almost no trace of harmful bacteria or viruses in the water supply. This will eliminate E.Coli and coliform bacteria in your sparkling water, which may cause serious illness in young children and pregnant women.

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