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The Importance of Elaboration

Elaboration is a vital part of writing a good essay. It serves to add more detail and clarity to the points made and can bring the essay up to the word count. However, a lot of amateur writers overdo the elaboration process, resulting in an overly descriptive essay that takes away from the analytical and evaluative elements. It is essential to make use of elaboration sparingly, so that the reader can get the right idea.

A good introduction should state the subject of the essay, provide a thesis statement and signposts to the content of the body paragraphs. The introduction should not elaborate on the detail or repeat information that will be discussed in the body paragraphs. Instead, it should state what the essay is all about, and give a brief outline of what will be discussed. While it should not be too long, the introduction should be informative and include brief signposts about what will be covered in the body superstep.

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The body of the essay is the longest part. It is where you elaborate on the argument you want to make. The body should have at least three paragraphs and start with a strong introductory sentence. The next part should describe specific examples and tie back into the transitional sentence in the introduction. The final paragraph should be transitional and lead into the argument of the next body paragraph. It is also crucial to make sure that the conclusion isn’t raising any new issues.

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