Roman Earrings

Roman earrings are a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit. Ancient Roman jewelry is distinctive for its use of glass and colored gemstones. This is different from Greek jewelry, which featured high-quality metalwork. In addition, the earrings have an interesting history. The earliest known pairs of roman earrings are thought to date back to around 500 BCE. Today, you can still find many pieces of Roman jewelry dating to this period of history.

The most impressive pair of Roman earrings features an intricately-detailed central bead made of electrum and gold paste. The gold bead, which was once a central stone, is now surrounded by two smaller pearl beads. The earrings hang from an open-ended hook in the back. Their condition is good, with the exception of a missing tip on the coral bead. However, they have a great deal of detail and are well worth the price.

Ancient Romans were known for their love of gemstones. Most of their jewelry was made from precious metals imported from the East. They also mined gold in their own provinces. Among the most expensive stones of antiquity, emeralds were prized due to their perceived healing properties. According to Pliny the Elder, Roman jewelers used to carefully inspect emeralds to make sure that they were not fakes.

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