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During the summer of 2010, a tragic accident claimed the life of Sydney Benveniste, a member of the Aquapacific University women’s swimming and diving team. This tragedy has left the APU community shocked and devastated. The community is mourning the loss of a young woman who has brought so much joy and success to her family.
APU swimmer’s death

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Despite her young age, Sydney Rae Benveniste was a highly-regarded swimmer at Azusa Pacific University naasongs. She excelled in freestyle and butterfly, and held multiple Southern California swim records. Sydney’s family has asked the community to pray for her. They have also released a statement.

The family has not released any details on the cause of death of Sydney Rae Benveniste. Her death is the second to occur in California this week. The first was that of Stanford soccer player Katie Meyer, who was found dead on campus on Tuesday.

Sydney Rae Benveniste was born on September 6, 2000 in Redlands, California. She is survived by her mother, Andrea Benveniste newmags, and brother, Jacob Benveniste. She was a member of the Kimberly Juniors in Redlands. She graduated from Redlands East Valley High School. She also swam for Rev High School.

Sydney Rae Benveniste is remembered as an avid community member, as well as a hard-working and dedicated swimmer. She helped countless people in their walk with the Lord. She was the President of the Kimberly Juniors. She was also involved in several swimming clubs.
APU’s women’s swimming and diving team

During Azusa Pacific University’s annual tri-meet with Biola College and Cal State East Bay, the Cougars had their fair share of ups and downs. However, the program has more than enough talent on hand to compete in any sport. The team took advantage of their temporary home at Glendora High School. After spring break, the Cougars were back in action and rolled to an impressive 9-0 record. The team will play a series of home games over the next month before hitting the road for the California state tournament. Despite the fact that the Cougars aren’t the biggest in their division, they have a knack for putting up solid competition.

APU’s stout lineup of senior standouts is a testament to the fact that they can compete with the best of them. In the pool, the Cougars had five first-place finishers and one more in the rears. APU’s three varsity swimmers took home first-place trophies in the 200-yard freestyle, 200-yard backstroke and 100-yard freestyle.
APU’s football team

During his time in college, Sydney Benveniste was a renowned athlete at Azusa Pacific University. Although Benveniste’s death is not immediately known, the cause of his death is not. His death is the second college athlete to pass away in California this week.

Benveniste was a promising swimmer. He had previously competed for the Piranha Swim Team in Loma Linda. He was also a member of the Kimberly Juniors in Redlands.

He was also a member of the Redlands East Valley High School swim team. He qualified for junior nationals in 2015. His mother has not commented on his passing, but said she was impressed by his achievements.

Sydney Benveniste had blue eyes, a tall stature, and was a good swimmer. He won the award for being the best swimmer in the APU pool. In the pool, he finished second in the 200 Y Fly. He also qualified for the CIF-SS Division 2 swimming finals, which were held at Riverside City College. He was a sophomore in college.
Sydney Benveniste’s family

During her college career, Sydney Rae Benveniste was an accomplished swimmer, butterfly and freestyle specialist. She was a member of the Kimberly Juniors in Redlands, California. She held several Southern California swim records. She also served as Kimberly Juniors president and helped countless people in their walk with the Lord. Sydney Rae passed away unexpectedly in March 2022.

Sydney Benveniste’s family is not saying what caused her death, but they will let you know when more information is available. She grew up in Redlands, California and graduated from Redlands East Valley High School. She was a sophomore at Azusa Pacific University. She was 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She had blue eyes. Her hair was light and blonde.

Sydney Benveniste was a promising swimmer at Azusa Pacific University. She competed in several collegiate meets. She was listed as a redshirt sophomore on the university’s swimming roster. She last swam for Azusa Pacific in November 2021.

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