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7 International Marketing Examples to Help You Get Started

To increase your sales internationally, you must develop a marketing strategy for the target country. Choose countries with similar demographics and a low language barrier. Starting with one or two countries will give you a faster start with international marketing. Below are 7 international marketing examples to help you create a strategic marketing plan for your business. These examples are applicable to any industry and will help you get started. However, you must understand the different languages and cultures to ensure that you’re successful.

Define long-term, medium-term, and short-term marketing goals. You must not apply rigid goals to your international marketing plan, as opportunities may not always align with your goals. A global marketing mix consists of four essential elements: product, price, distribution, and sale promotion. To be successful in the foreign market, your company must understand the culture of the country you’re targeting. It must conduct extensive research into the country’s consumer habits to determine how to adjust your price, packaging, and service approach to meet their needs.

Coca-Cola is one of the best-known global brands, and its international marketing strategy has been highly successful. While Coca-Cola has always aimed to appeal to everyone around the world, the company has made modifications to the taste of its soda to satisfy local preferences. They also tweak their marketing strategy to cater to diverse ethnicities. In addition to changing the taste, Coca-Cola also adapts its advertising to local tastes and preferences. It adapts its branding in a variety of ways, such as cultural references and endorsement deals with local celebrities.

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