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4 Keys to a Productive Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct mail is a fantastic way to reach new customers and advertise your business. It is also among the most financially feasible forms of advertising, enabling marketers to use postcards, letters, flyers, and other pieces of paper delivered directly to someone’s mailbox.

To do it correctly, relying on industry professionals like Wise Pelican is imperative. Also, experienced agencies like these do not have a minimum order, making it easier for marketers on a tight budget to order as few postcards as they need and scale the number once they begin adding to their budget.

The following are pivotal things to remember when planning a postcard campaign for the first time.

Know your customers

It is pivotal to recognize the demographics of your target market, such as where they live and work, how much money they make, and how curious they are about what you provide. This data lets you determine how to best present what you sell so that it appeals to them.

Moreover, consider whether competitors in the same industry as yours may also be investing in direct mailing campaigns. For instance, realtors should look for other agents in the community targeting the same audience as them. It gives you insight into postcard designs that have been successful, allowing you to create something different and better from theirs.

Keep your design simple

The second key is to keep your design simple and uncluttered, emphasizing the message. Remember that people will spend less than a minute reading your message, so ensure you get right to the point with a clear logo, highlights of your business, and contact information.

Also, it should have impactful content written in crisp and clear language, so it does not confuse the recipient. You can back it up with solid CTAs that encourage them to initiate the specific action you desire. For example, realtors can use just-sold postcards to market specific homes that families in their target demographic will likely be interested in buying. Adding CTAs like “Limited Listings, Book Now” will make them call to learn more about the homes.

Use high-quality photos

Photos on the postcard should always be clear and well-lit. Avoid busy backgrounds like plants or objects in the foreground, and use various images, depending on your industry. For instance, close-ups of straightened or cleaned teeth are great for dental clinics as they allow viewers a peek at their services on a personal level.

A restaurant can include pictures of its food, seating area, and other high points that can draw potential customers.

Select reputable postcard service providers

As mentioned earlier, choosing expert postcard service providers like Wise Pelican is the best option for small businesses and others. They have a lot of experience in the direct mail industry and offer you a wide range of exciting design templates to choose from, so you do not have to worry about making one yourself or hiring an artist.

They will also allow you to create and manage targeted mailing lists and track your campaign to see how many people are opening it, which can improve future campaigns. Finally, signing up with them is easy, requiring you to fill out a form on their website free of charge powerful idea.

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