Tips For Homeschooling High School

One of the best tips for homeschooling high school is to remember that it is your child, not you! In other words, your role as a parent is to facilitate learning, not to be the teacher. While you have always been hands-on and involved in your child’s education, your role as a parent in high school changes somewhat. Now, your role is to be a facilitator rather than the teacher, directing your students to research online, consult a book, take a class, or ask someone knowledgeable.

When homeschooling high school, make sure to assess your child’s progress and choose the curriculum that suits them best. High school students will be much more motivated to learn if they choose the curriculum themselves. Moreover, you should create a learning environment that is conducive to learning, as distracting environments tend to hold back student motivation. Moreover, your child can take advantage of elective classes that interest him or her. High schoolers also need to be held accountable, so you need to set a schedule that lets them pick the right curriculum.

One of the best things about homeschooling high school is that your child will have more flexibility than their public-school counterparts. You can adjust your schedule so that your child can join sports teams and practice their instruments more than they can in a traditional classroom. You can even take them on vacation or visit grandparents for a week or two. This is the perfect way to spend time with your child and make the most of their time.

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