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Reasons to Look Into Tally Credit Alternatives

There are many reasons to look into tally credit alternatives. One of these is the fact that it comes with no fees. Another reason to use Tally is that it will allow you to build good personal finance habits and eliminate credit card debt without hurting your score. You can sign up for a free membership to Tally and start receiving valuable benefits immediately. Depending on your credit score, this could mean the difference between a low interest rate and high interest.

The most significant difference between Tally and other credit alternatives is the way in which you pay off debt. With a traditional credit card, you’ll have to pay interest on the balance if you miss a payment. Tally’s COVID-19 relief program will allow you to postpone your payments until you have enough money to pay off your entire balance. You can also choose to pay off your credit cards in full, but you’ll still be liable for interest charges.

Tally’s free mobile app is another benefit. The only stipulation is that you’ll have to apply for a line of credit with Tally. The Tally line of credit has a variable interest rate of 7.9% to 25.9% based on the prime rate. There’s no annual fee, balance transfer fee, or late fee. Tally boasts of average savings of $5300 over the life of the account.

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